Sunday, 4 October 2009

Research on the Guardian newspaper

The ideological and political bias of the Guardian newspaper is towards the left of centre of the political spectrum, or the liberal left.Historically the Guardian has supported the Labour Party and most defiantely New Labour and in 1997 they were very found of Tony Blair and supported New Labour's campaign. The Guardian readers are more likely to be educated social democrats than traditional Socialist Labour supporters.
The Guardian seems to show a generally positive light on young people and it seems that they try to appeal to young people and get them to read their paper and they like talking about opportunites for young people. It seems that they try to get young readers to read a quality newspaper like the Guardian rather than just the tabloids.
It does not appear to be a Royalist newspaper at all, it comes across as being quite negative about HM the Queen and the Royal Family and they write articles about them in a rather negative light or a mocking way but this isn't surprising as the readers of the paper are likely to swing more to left and are not likely to be pro-Monarchy as it is a right wing institution.
The Guardian is also negative about the Invasion of Iraq and the war as this didn't seem like the sort of thing that a Labour government would do and as many people who lean towards the left are agaisnt war, like the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown is himself a pacifist.

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