Monday, 5 October 2009

Skins Series One Intro

  • High angle shots
  • Shows terrace houses, trains, council estates
  • Signifies lower/middle class area
  • Shows teenagers- kissing, smoking, gambling, drinking
  • Sex appeal- topless men and attractive girls
  • Cheerful theme tune hints younger target audience
  • Shows people of different ethnicity, sexuality, age
  • Males kissing, westernized black and asian characters, female characters kissing
  • Use of bright colour hints youth but also maybe drugs?
  • Cheerful, happy images contradicting with adult themes like sex and drugs
  • Looks like Britain, more so England due to scenery and geographical area
  • Quite unconventional characters shown, not the normal types shown on television like homosexuals, asian characters, lower class people, 
  • Excessive drinking, taking drugs, smoking cigarettes

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