Monday, 30 November 2009

Merlin- Editing

The scene starts with some long takes and some are done in slow motion to signify that there is a struggle going on and it gives in suspense too, the dramatic music emphasizes this also.
There is also good use of special effects too when the boy is in his room performing magic and there are objects floating in mid air, from this we denote that the show is a fantasy and perhaps aimed at a younger audience, the light hearted childish music helps us to anchor this meaning down. 
When the knight is talking to the young attractive woman and there is the use of shot reverse shot, the angles used help us to anchor down how they are trying to portray gender in this scene.
The man talks down from a high angle signifying that he is dominant and supreme, whereas when the woman speaks she is taking up to him from a low angle which hints she is perhaps vulnerable or less dominant.
We also see the breath of the characters when they speak which signifies it is cold, this is likely to be a special effect added in to emphasize the temperature.
There is also good use of elliptical time when the boy dresses the knight up in his armour through the use of short takes showing a new piece of the outfit being put on also the fast paced music helps with the elliptical time.
In the final fight scene there is the use of match-on-action shots as the blades hit each other which adds drama to the scene and makes it quite exciting and this again signifies to us the struggle that the two warriors are going though.

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