Monday, 30 November 2009

Merlin- Misenscene

The first scene takes place in a fighting arena with crowds surrounding it cheering, to me this immediately signifies to me that this is set in the medieval times due to my knowledge and background. We see knights in shining armour with swords which are the stereotype of the period. We also see old fashion tents and the outside of a castle which seems to add a bit of anchorage to the time period that it is set in.
There is a scene inside a great big hall with entirely medieval decor like the candelabras on the walls which are quite gothic almost and also signify perhaps an element of fantasy, also we see flags and rugs of the period, also a very high ceiling which was common in history and is not a modern thing at all.
We see a few different rooms in this section, the hall, then a bedroom in which the boy performs magic in we are not completely able to anchor down whether it is his room or not as it is very basic but it seems likely that it is.