Friday, 27 November 2009

Merlin- Sound and Representation of Gender

The clip begins with loud heroic music during a medieval battle between knights, we can denote this from their costume, you can hear the swords clashing as they fight and the music signifies bravery and masculinity and the clip shows a courageous man fighting.

The accents in the clip are all generally quite posh English accents which we can use to denote where It is set and it would seem it was the south of England, however one of the characters has a Manchurian accent which almost seems like a juxtaposition in the setting of the clip also the language used in the clip is a juxtaposition as it seems to modern for what we can denote as a medieval set clip.

The change in music to jolly, silly music when the boy is playing with magic denotes youth and happiness.

Also the sounds of birds chirping and church bells ringing in the background shows verisimilitude and gives it a sense of realism, this is also apparent when they are all talking in the grand hall and their voices echo this certainly shows verisimilitude.

The different use of music in each scene shows very different feelings; scary music gives feelings of vulnerability whereas the happier music makes for a more light hearted scene being when the boy is helping the knight get changed. The jolly music used sounds like medieval folk and so It is in keeping with what we can denote as the time period.

When the knight comes out to battle we here loud applause and cheering which denotes that this person is a hero and adored and it adds excitement to the scene, we then here brave heroic music playing and makes the scene feel quite serious.

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